About Us


Imminent Banter Publishing is an independent publishing company specializing in dark fantasy. We strive to bring original stories with fantastical elements to our readers. From comic books to full-length novels, as long as there is a good story, we want to publish it. 

In 2012, I began working on a comic series with a coworker while getting ready to publish my very first novel. After all of the stress and problems that arose from the publishers, I decided I wanted to create my own publishing company. My mission is to get good writing and artwork out to the public. There are a lot of excellent writers and artists who are being turned away by the bigger publishing companies, because it has become a game about who knows the right people and who has enough money to throw at a project. This is how poorly written pieces (which are barely edited) get published.

Here at IB Publishing, we are dedicated to getting a higher quality of writing out to our readers. It is not about money; it is about a good story. We have an excellent staff who are fully devoted to our creators instead of squeezing the last penny out of a project. This is how we maintain the trust and support of our writers, staff, and readers.

We appreciate your support.

~Talya Goodman

Publisher/Senior Editor

Imminent Banter Publishing